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15 Minute Vocal Warm-up Download:
Speaking Voice Exercises on MP3

Proven Speaking Voice Exercises Help You Warm Up Your Voice in No Time at All

Recent research shows the sound of your speaking voice is more than twice as influential as the actual words you use. When you have an important meeting, a sales presentation or an interview, you can’t risk sounding small, strained or unsteady. You need to be strong, clear, confident and credible.

But your voice isn’t a machine; you can’t just flip a switch and turn on your best voice. It needs to be warmed up, and time is not always on your side. How do you get your speaking voice in optimal performing condition when there’s no time for a 30-40 minute practice? It’s easy. Just find a quiet place and discover the magic of The 15-Minute Warm-Up.*

A Powerful and Effective Vocal Warm-Up

Jay has taken the secrets taught in his popular training program, Your Confident Voice, and condensed that breakthrough process into a quick and easy warm-up you can complete in 15 minutes or less. This new downloadable mp3 recording provides 15 minutes of proven vocal practice.

The speaking voice exercises** on The 15-Minute Warm-Up mp3 will help you to:

  • Release tension to feel grounded and relaxed
  • Breathe deeply and freely to feel open and energized
  • Maximize resonance to sound strong, clear and confident
  • Capture your listeners’ attention immediately
  • Engage your audience at an emotional level

Listen to a sample now:

Everyone has the potential for a good voice, but you can’t just pull it off the shelf on a moment’s notice. Like an athlete, you need to warm up. Now you have The 15-Minute Warm-Up, a tool to give you the results you need in less time than it takes to finish your coffee.


15 Minute Vocal Warm-up
Audio (MP3) Download

$9.99 CDN

* This product is designed for people who have completed the basic training covered in Your Confident Voice or through in-person voice training. It is not suitable as a program of instruction and is not recommended for those with no previous training.

**Speaking voice lessons involve gentle physical and vocal exercise. Consult your doctor before engaging in this or any other practice.

I spoke at two different events today and came home with a clear and strong voice – a deep resonance in my chest, and no hoarseness at all. My daughter and my wife both commented on the difference in my voice. Thanks!


The newly acquired skills are helping me tremendously, both in my work environment and my social life.

Assistant Vice President