Making Good Speakers Great

Classes/Course for Accent Reduction in Toronto:
Training with Accent Coach (Elocution Lessons)

Do you have difficulty with some English pronunciation? Could you benefit from accent training in Toronto? Accent reduction classes with an experienced coach can help you be better understood.

Everyone has an accent. Some accents can be fascinating and attractive. But a strong accent, for those speaking English as a second language (ESL), can make personal interaction difficult. Whether you're seeking a promotion, or trying to close a major corporate deal, communicating with clear English pronunciation is paramount to business success.

Speak with Clarity and Confidence

Through a proven accent reduction course (elocution lessons) with a Toronto accent training coach, you'll learn how rate, melody, rhythm and placement are as important for clear speech as properly formed vowels and consonants. You'll become familiar with the basic sounds of spoken English and identify those challenging for you. You'll feel the specific action of various articulators and learn to use them for greater precision and clarity of speech. Generally, you'll begin to hear and feel how to modify your English pronunciation to achieve a more North American sound.

Enhancing your English pronunciation through accent training can make you more confident and effective. Email to learn more about a private accent reduction course in Toronto, or on-site accent reduction classes for corporations.