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Proven Exercises Help You Develop 
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For over 15 years, prominent speaking voice coach Jay Miller has helped hundreds of people talk more clearly and confidently. He's now recorded voice lessons in streaming video and downloadable audio (mp3) formats, allowing you to train your speaking voice for a fraction of the cost of even a single private lesson.

The speaking voice exercises* on Your Confident Voice will help you to:

  • eliminate mumbling and speak clearly
  • project authority with a deeper, richer, or more mature sound
  • slow down or moderate your rate of speech
  • develop a stronger voice with increased stamina
  • talk with confidence, credibility and impact

A Powerful Step-By-Step Program

These voice training programs provide expert tips and time-tested speaking voice exercises. The lessons will guide you in discovering how to relax your body, release your breath, and deepen resonance, to fully realize your most compelling voice.

Hear a sample from the audio (MP3) program:

Watch a sample from the video program:

Jay's powerful voice training program was previously only available by working personally with him. Now, you can inexpensively access his voice lessons and work at your own pace, to optimize the effectiveness of your communication.

Watch the streaming video course or download the MP3 audio training program, Your Confident Voice, and begin your exciting vocal transformation, today:


Your Confident Voice
Streaming Video Program

148 Minutes (6 Videos)
$79 CDN


Your Confident Voice
Audio (MP3) Download

145 Minutes (6 Audio Files)
$39 CDN


Your Confident Voice
Streaming Video Program
PLUS Audio (MP3) Download

$99 CDN

*Speaking voice lessons involve gentle physical and vocal exercise. Consult your doctor before engaging in this or any other program.

I have gone through your entire mp3 program and have learned a lot! For years, I have been trying voice lessons from various books, but your program has allowed me to make the most noticeable improvements to date.

Previously, when I spoke with clients on the telephone, they often asked me to repeat myself. Recently, I noticed this rarely happens – because of your lessons. Thanks for your interest in my progress, and for your excellent digital course that makes it possible for everyone to improve their speaking voice.


I bought your program because I wanted to recondition my speaking voice, and it's had an immense effect. During performances, I'm more relaxed and I have more breath support. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Professional Singer

I can't believe I’ve lived all these years without knowing these basic voice concepts. I thought your voice was just something you were born with, part of your personality. I was always on the shy side and had a quiet, high, weak sounding voice. I admired those with strong voices. I tried to project and force a different voice, but it was unnatural and wouldn't last but a few minutes.

So I am amazed at the instant transformation that is taking place in me. Learning about breathing and vibration and all tied into relaxation of the muscles. When I was working on resonance and a forward voice, I was absolutely astounded when my voice was able to project in a strong manner.

I have only praise for your fine teachings. I have just begun and am excited to continue with the transformation. And it will be so nice to come to the point where daily I won't hear others say they can't hear me, or to please stop mumbling. There really is a solution!