Making Good Speakers Great

Online Vocal Lessons
with Voice Coach Jay Miller

A Successful Speaking Voice is Within Reach

Do you want a strong, confident, and compelling speaking voice? You no longer need to travel to access expert voice lessons. Jay Miller, a renowned vocal coach, offers online voice training through video chat. All you need is a quiet room in your home or office, a web camera, and a Skype account.
You can benefit from online vocal lessons if you have one or more of the following problems:

  • Your voice gets tired (you lose your voice too easily)
  • You mumble or talk too quickly
  • You get nervous or sound hesitant
  • You need a richer, clearer voice
  • You'd like a deeper or more authoritative sound

An Effective Program That Gets Results

You’ll get the same proven vocal lessons online that Jay offers clients in his office – learning easy techniques to express yourself fully, project a confident image, and engage others. Each voice lesson using video chat can help you further improve both your professional and personal life. Learn more about online vocal lessons with voice coach Jay Miller by contacting us

Your voice training has had an impressive impact on my daily life. I feel even more confident than before, and more comfortable conveying my ideas and thoughts, because people now get engaged easily when I speak.

I've also become very aware of the way I talk. I more quickly notice the poor habits we've discussed and fix them right away. In fact, most of my breathing and speaking problems are gone already!

International Entrepreneur

An eye-opening "must consider" program. Very structured—makes you realize progress every step of the way. As a frequent presenter, I wonder how I managed to speak and present before I took the training.

Chief Human Resources Officer

I quite enjoyed our voice sessions, and have talked to friends about the positive impact it has had in the way I speak, breathe, and most importantly, the confidence it has given me. I am indebted. Working with you was a life-altering experience. I look forward to continue training with you.

Associate Director