Making Good Speakers Great

Overcome Anxiety, Stage Fright, or Fear of Public Speaking 

Anxiety Affects Everyone

Every day, thousands of people experience speech anxiety and stage fright—CEOs, politicians, lawyers, volunteers, students—it’s unlikely you will ever meet someone who hasn’t experienced some degree of performance anxiety.

Stage fright has been around forever. We just can’t seem to get beyond it, and it’s getting harder to avoid. Like it or not, more and more people find public speaking playing an important role in their personal and professional lives. The ability to be comfortable when speaking in front of others may very well be critical to your future success.

You Can Beat Speech Anxiety

There are no “magic pills” to banish nervousness forever. But there are critical skills you can develop to prevent it from hijacking your performance. These proven techniques will deliver exciting results most people only dream about. You will have a new ability to express your ideas effectively and make a powerful impression on your listeners.

Overcoming performance anxiety and stage fright may seem like an impossible challenge. Yet hundreds of Voice & Speech clients have been successful at managing nervousness. You can, too.

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Before working with Voice & Speech I was, like a lot of people, terrified of public speaking, and had (without really realizing it) organized my professional life around avoiding presentations – even social functions where I might have to play a public speaking role. Eventually it become clear that I was only limiting myself, and that it was up to me to take action to tackle the problem. So I turned to Voice & Speech.

I had challenges with presentations and stage nervousness, as well as voice volume in many circumstances. Voice & Speech provided not only clear instruction, but taught me tools and techniques that I could continue to use after my sessions were complete, and they did so in a supportive, professional environment where I could feel free to make mistakes and learn. I continue to rely on Jay’s training and techniques, whether I’m contributing to a small meeting, or giving presentations to larger audiences. And while I can’t say I’m completely over my nervousness about presenting in public, I now have the ability to manage better and succeed, which has made all the difference.

VP Public Relations

As a lecturer struggling with "performance anxiety", I participated in several courses to improve my speaking ability – but was disappointed when each was unable to address the specific physical problems I experienced when speaking. As a last resort, I decided to work with a voice coach and approached Jay Miller.

I can honestly say Jay¹s 12-session course turned out to be essential. Working with him was an enjoyable and transformative experience. He not only instilled confidence, with his knowledge and finely-tuned ear, but he was also fun and enthusiastic, caring, and empathic in acknowledging just how difficult speaking can be. Thanks to Jay, I now have a set of practices that calm my body and allow me to speak.


Before seeing Jay, even the thought of delivering a formal speech could trigger a panic attack. Although I was nervous at first, Jay quickly made me feel comfortable, assuring me I was not the only person who suffers anxiety from public speaking.

After regular one-on-one sessions with Jay, I was able to manage my anxiety, and even enjoyed delivering a speech and formal reading. Jay's professionalism and expertise made him a pleasure to work with.


I just delivered a presentation to 50 of my colleagues and it went amazingly well. It was a huge improvement for me and I attribute it to your training. I felt so much more at ease during the presentation and received a fair bit of positive feedback. THANK YOU!!

Government Employee