Making Good Speakers Great

Voice Lessons in Toronto:
Speaking Voice Training with Vocal Coach Jay Miller

What is Your Voice Saying?

You can improve your speaking voice through speaking voice training. Your voice has a profound impact on your listeners, and influences how they respond to you – even if they're not aware of it. Voice lessons in Toronto, with vocal coach Jay Miller, can make your voice stronger, more credible, and authoritative. If you speak too fast or mumble, you can learn to communicate clearly. If your voice gets tired too quickly, vocal lessons can help you develop more stamina.

Almost everyone has the potential for a speaking voice that's strong, clear, rich, and effective – a voice others will find attractive and persuasive. Through vocal lessons with Toronto voice coach Jay Miller, you'll rediscover your true sound. In the course of speaking voice training, you'll learn to be grounded and relaxed, even under pressure. You'll breathe and speak with your whole body. You'll discover how it feels to be fully engaged and generous as a speaker. And you'll develop increased awareness that encourages continual development.

We Know How to Help

So whether you're losing your voice, have projection or voice quality concerns, or wish to expand your vocal range for speaking, voice coach Jay Miller has the knowledge and experience to uncover your potential, and improve your speaking voice. Contact Jay to learn more about training through Toronto voice lessons.

When I started voice and speech training with you, we set three goals for improving an area of my business. After taking the lessons and applying them fully, I've found it has not only helped what I initially wanted, but improved every aspect of my life. I sound and feel stronger, I'm more confident, and I see things in a different way.

Before I started with you, if someone told me voice lessons would affect far more then my voice, I would have laughed them off. How wrong I would have been!


I spoke at two different events today and came home with a clear and strong voice – a deep resonance in my chest, and no hoarseness at all. My daughter and my wife both commented on the difference in my voice. Thanks!