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The Male Voice

Common Voice Problems for Men

“Men with Deep Voices Get the Girls”
“Men with Deep Voices Have More Children”
“Deep Voices Attract Voters”

Recent research coming out of McMaster, Aberdeen and other universities certainly inspires catchy headlines. We’re told that women find deep-voiced men more attractive and have better recollection of what they say. Men with deep voices have more babies, get more votes and are perceived as better leaders. They’re more often suspected of infidelity, but does that diminish the otherwise crushing advantages? It’s enough to make a guy want to jump down a well.

And that’s exactly what many men do—vocally. They plunge their voice into the very bottom of their range in an attempt to sound more masculine, authoritative and sexy. Ironically, when you speak too low you create throat tension, robbing your voice of its natural depth, power and impact. If you explore the middle of your range, allowing your voice to be just slightly higher than what you’re used to, you’ll discover a voice that sounds better, feels better and communicates more effectively. See this article for developing real, natural depth.

When you speak too low you tend to sound monotone. That’s partly because your voice has no room to move around. It can’t go down, and if you feel uncomfortable letting it go up, your delivery tends to be rather flat and expressionless. So again, one way of enhancing expressiveness is to move into the middle of your range.



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Explore and develop the middle of your speaking range, not just the low end. Try starting each sentence just a step or two higher than what you’re used to. Notice how projection improves without effort and your delivery becomes more expressive.


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