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Simple Speaking Skills

I’ve taught public speaking skills for over fifteen years and have presentation tips coming out the you-know-where. But being an expert has it’s own set of problems, specifically, a tendency to get too deep and too detailed. I’m reminded of this every time I coach a speaker and they get major results from suggestions that seem very minor. Then I have to smack myself on the head and tell myself, “Doh! Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Here are some simple speaking skills that keep showing up and bringing value to my clients.

When someone asks me for presentation tips, the first thing I say is, “Rehearse.” You wouldn’t believe the improvement that comes from this simple strategy. Nor would you believe how many people don’t bother to do it. They say they don’t rehearse because they want to sound natural, but they just end up sounding unprepared. Rehearsal allows you to time your material, tighten up the language, smooth out transitions, and get used to how the whole thing sounds and feels. Every run-through makes it better. Why would you throw away that benefit?

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Speaker Notes

If you need to use notes, they should make your job easier. Jay provides simple suggestions for formatting notes in a way that supports your delivery.



Free SpeechMaster Class

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 10
7:00 – 9 :00 PM
Location: 434 Queen St East, Toronto, ON

Guest Instructor:
Tom Bradshaw, VoicePower
Topic:Power Tools of Communication


Take your time. Most untrained speakers are unconsciously rushing themselves. They have no time to think, they make unnecessary mistakes, and they feel out of control. Learn to be deliberate. You’re in charge. Set a pace that works for you. You’ll appear stronger, communicate more clearly, connect more effectively and maybe even enjoy the experience.


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