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Tuning Your Physical Instrument for Breakthrough Performance

By Dr. Derek Cain

Have you ever wanted to feel more relaxed as a presenter, but had trouble doing so? Would more relaxation, comfort and breath allow you to engage your listeners in a new way?

I’m Dr. Derek Cain, a Chiropractor who uses Network Spinal Analysis to improve and enhance the lives of the people I care for every day. I love to help people achieve their health goals. These goals range from resolving specific health concerns, to improving performance in sports and business, to stress management.

So what is Network Spinal Analysis (or, Network, for short)? It’s a gentle, holistic approach to spinal healthcare that gets proven results. Network cues the nervous system to alleviate acute and chronic patterns of tension. The technique focuses on improving the function of the nervous system, which in turn frees the muscles and joints of the spine and body, allowing the entire body to heal and function better. You might be asking yourself, what does all that have to do with public speaking? Having less tension, feeling more comfortable and being better connected to your body can improve your ability to deliver your presentations and allow you to speak with ease and confidence.

Let’s face it, the presenter’s world is full of constant stresses. While we can eliminate some stress, there are always things that are beyond our control. The Network approach is to work with your spine and nervous system at whatever level they are currently functioning and keeping you healthy. Network then can help upgrade your capacity for dealing with stress and help release built-up tension. Think of it as upgrading your computer to operate with the latest and most powerful software. Network upgrades the capacity of your nervous system to help your spine function optimally in the face of ever-present and changing stresses.

Releasing stress and tension in the body and spine is directly connected to better breathing. When the muscles and joints of the body are relaxed and free, this allows better movement of the ribcage and diaphragm, which allows for fuller and more expansive breath. Vocal cords that are relaxed will allow better range and allow you to produce your most natural sound. I often notice after working with someone how their voice changes, sounding  clearer and more relaxed. As Jay teaches us, more breath means more power and an open channel means better resonance. A relaxed body and mind leads to a better delivery to your listeners and a more positive experience for you as a speaker.

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Network Care Introductory Package

For readers in the Toronto area, Dr. Derek Cain offers two 45-minute visits, including a complete evaluation. Together, you will uncover physical patterns hampering your presentations and explore how Network can help you resolve these obstacles. This package, valued at $142, is being offered to you for $60. Start tuning your physical instrument today!

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SpeechMaster Class Discontinued

The free monthly presentation master class will not resume after the summer break. I deeply appreciate the time and effort invested by our visiting instructors and student presenters, as well as the interest of our guest attendees. You can all be proud of what was accomplished over the past two years. The team at Voice & Speech is still available and happy to help you with individual presentation coaching.


Get your energy flowing. Most presenters are too disengaged when they speak, and that can be shifted at a physical level. Walk or jog around the building. Do a few flights of stairs. A recent client did five Burpees as part of his presentation. What followed was so much more energized and engaging. His voice was stronger. His eyes were shining and his personality was so much more evident.


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