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I can’t wait for you to begin your journey to a stronger voice.

I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what’s possible with your speaking voice. From basic principles of breathing to practical tips on using your body’s power, I’m going to give you all the tools you need to transform your voice. Watch how your career and relationships transform when you communicate with confidence.

What You Get with the course

Module 1 – Game Plan for Your Strong Voice

 (4 videos)

This module is all about setting up a personal program to guarantee success. You’ll learn how to practice effectively, set up support strategies, and manage expectations constructively.

Module 2 – Get Your Body in the Game

(5 videos)

This module targets specific areas in your body that need to relax in order to optimize your strong voice. You’ll discover that speaking well doesn’t just sound good, it feels good!

Module 3 – Feel the Power of Your Breath

 (3 videos)

This module focuses on breath, the source of power for your strong voice. You’ll learn how to breathe easily and efficiently as you speak, and how to use your breath to produce a strong, effortless voice.

Module 4 – Vibrating with Sound

 (5 videos)

This module focuses on sound. You’ll learn how to produce sound effortlessly, with no strain. How to project your voice without yelling, and how to speak with a full rich voice that engages other people.

Module 5 – Putting It All Together

(2 videos)

This module puts all the previous material together into one concise daily practice. You’ll learn how to practice effectively and keep making progress even after you’ve completed the program.  


Module 6 – Bonus Material

(5 items)

The 15-Minute Warm-Up takes you through your entire practice quickly, no fluff, no fuss. Daily practice is important but it shouldn’t eat up half your day. There are also sample texts for practice, advice about how to speak when seated, how to maintain a healthy voice and more.

What Others Say About Working with Jay

I was always on the shy side and had a quiet, high, weak sounding voice. I tried to project and force a different voice, but it was unnatural and wouldn’t last but a few minutes.

So I am amazed at the instant transformation that is taking place in me.

I was absolutely astounded when my voice was able to project in a strong manner. I have only praise for your fine teachings. It will be so nice to come to the point where daily I won’t hear others say they can’t hear me, or to please stop mumbling. There really is a solution!


Somewhere along the path of my life I came to believe that being ambiguous, enigmatic or soft spoken was cool. I was hiding my whole self, my soul, my face and my body when I spoke.

The result was a disaster! People yawned even before I opened my mouth and avoided me at social gatherings.

Now that state of affairs is replaced by flowing energy and happiness. I am out of jail at last! Thank you very much, Jay, for your help. A thousand cheers!


For years, I have been trying voice lessons from various books, but your program has allowed me to make the most noticeable improvements to date.

Previously, when I spoke with clients on the telephone, they often asked me to repeat myself. Recently, I noticed this rarely happens – because of your lessons.

Thanks for your excellent digital course that makes it possible for everyone to improve their speaking voice.  


Your voice training has had an impressive impact on my daily life. I feel even more confident than before, and more comfortable conveying my ideas and thoughts, because people now get engaged easily when I speak.

In fact, most of my breathing and speaking problems are gone already!


International Entrepreneur

After taking the lessons and applying them fully, I’ve found it has not only helped what I initially wanted, but improved every aspect of my life. I sound and feel stronger, I’m more confident, and I see things in a different way.

Before I started with you, if someone told me voice lessons would affect far more then my voice, I would have laughed them off. How wrong I would have been!



Thank you Jay. Your coaching was exceptional, and it truly made a difference in my presentation to over 775 bankers at the Convention Centre. My gestures and eye contact with the audience were natural. 

I can’t thank you enough, and I’ll be back, to enhance the skills you taught…


Senior Manager


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