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Evan’s Best Rehearsal Tip

If you were walking in Sherwood Park, Toronto, the morning of September 29th, you might have noticed a tall, well-dressed businessman striding along the off-leash dog trail, speaking intently into his cell phone. That was probably me — except there was no one on the other end of the call. Yes, I was talking to myself. But there was method to my madness. Here’s what I mean.

I’m a marketing strategy expert who gives a lot of presentations. I used to think that rehearsing simply involved reading my comments over and over until I’d practically memorized them. I never saw the need to actually “say” the speech out loud because I thought I’d get bored with the material and lose interest – rather like over-studying for an exam.

But then I had no idea how long the speech would run, until I was actually delivering it. So I’d end up rushing through key information, trying to make up for lost time. When I hurried through content, the audience tended to discount its value and simply waited for the words,” I’d like to conclude by saying …”

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Rehearsal is one of the most overlooked elements of speech and presentation. In this video, Jay shares a personal experience that underscores the importance of rehearsal. Just do it. Every rehearsal will make your speech better.

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Rehearse using video feedback. Most computers and smart phones have a video camera these days. Record a video of your practice, then view the result, taking notes. Notice your first impressions. Review your observations. Identify one thing you could practice that would make an improvement. You can make a lot of progress on your own, just from using video feedback.


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