How to Stop Talking Too Loudly

Speaking with a voice that’s always too loud effects your personal and professional life. If you’re a loud talker you’re probably sick of being shushed or told to use your indoor voice. Here are two strategies for dialling down the volume of your speaking voice in a way that feels natural and gives some relief to those around you.

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  1. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Thank you for posting this video! I will definitely try using these strategies in hopes that I can control my voice in professional settings.

  2. AntonioOwese
    AntonioOwese says:

    “There are pragmatic reasons why someone may not make direct eye contact and not project their voice loud enough.” As to whether loud talking is genetic, Shah says it’s more about environment. “At the family level, it’s more of a mental influence,” she says.

  3. Karen Schwarz
    Karen Schwarz says:

    I loved the video. How do I know if I am speaking from other parts of my body rather than just my throat and mouth? I remember being a child and being told yo ding from my diaphragm and just couldn’t figure out how to do it.

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